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The Red Badge of Courage: A New Kind of Courage
A National Endowment for the Humanities lesson plan where students are asked to select one of three published endings to The Red Badge of Courage best suited to their understanding of Crane’s exploration of values in the novel.

The Red Badge of Courage: A New Kind of Realism
Another National Endowment for the Humanities lesson plan. Students compare specific excerpts from novel to first-hand accounts of Civil War battles. The objective is to increase students’ understanding of Crane’s influences and how the novel’s style helped convey a new realism.

War Beyond Romance: The Red Badge of Courage and Other Considerations
The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute has an online lesson plan for teaching The Red Badge of Courage Contents of Curriculum Unit: • Narrative • Sample Lesson Plan For Developing an Understanding of Group Discussion and Group Process. • Sample Lesson plan for Developing an Understanding of the Causes and Nature of War. • Lesson Plan for “the Red Badge of Courage” –vocabulary, discussion questions, writing activity, and group discussion • Notes • Teacher Bibliography • Teacher and Student Bibliography • Resources

The Red Badge of Courage Vocabulary
154 “SAT-College Prep” vocabulary words organized by chapters

War Literature
Discovery School lesson plan that examines Crane’s war-related themes. Features lesson plans, discussion questions, evaluation, questions, reading and links, and vocabulary.

Stephen Crane Society
Extensive site that features teaching materials, bibliographical and research sites, Crane works online and reviews, FAQs, student queries & replies, Steven Crane Studies journal,

Teaching Crane
By Donald Vanouse, from the Heath Anthology instructor’s guide. Discusses classroom issues and strategies, themes, style, and other issues and offers five discussion questions.

From Perspectives in American Literature – A Research and Reference Guide
This site contains an extensive bibliography for further reading on Crane, four discussion questions, and related links

Color in Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage
An essay analyzing Crane’s use of color.

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The Red Badge of Courage
Editor’s preface to the exhibit The Red Badge of Courage from the American Studies at the University of Virginia, website Contains introductory essay — Imaging the Civil War: Visual Representation and The Red Badge of Courage – with contemporary reviews of the book as well as a hypertext version of The Red Badge of Courage.

Linda Davis Interview
C-SPAN Booknotes site provides a transcript of an interview with Linda Davis, author of Badge of Courage: The Life of Stephen Crane.

George Wyndham on Crane’s remarkable book, New Review
(January 1896, xiv, 30-40) Wyndham (1863-1913 ) was a veteran of the Coldstream Guards, Member of Parliamen and Chief Secretary for Ireland, critic for the National Observer and the New Review, and an editor of Shakespeare’s Poems (1898), Ronsard, and North’s Plutarch. This article is one of the best written on Crane’s work and was praised by other critics, including Joseph Conrad and Harold Frederic.

IN SEARCH OF THE “REAL” STEPHEN CRANE (or, Tales of a Literary Sleuth)
Excerpts from the Opening Plenary Session – National CEA Conference, Charleston, SC, April 6, 2000. By Paul Sorrentino of Virginia Tech Talks about his collaboration with another Crane scholar, Stanley Wertheim of William Paterson University, and how together they have been exploring Crane’s life and work for the past two decades.