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Life of Pi, a novel study
An extensive AP Level study guide that covers ideas and themes, allusions, cultural icons, and more. Created for Mrs. Brown’s ELA course.

Yann Martel Interview

How I Wrote Life of Pi by Yann Martel
The author explains how influence, inspiration and hard work went in to his writing of the novel.

Teaching English Language Arts: Life of Pi
The thematic focus of this 10-lesson unit on Life of Pi is the relationship between narrator and audience. Students address the bias of the storyteller and judge the “verisimilitude” of Pi’s story. Grade 11 assignment.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel
This reading group guide provides a brief summary and 21 questions

PBS interviews writer Yann Martel about his book, Life of Pi.

Life of Pi – Top Ten Questions


NPR interview with Yann Martel
A 7-minute audio interview of the author of Life of Pi.

Life of Pi interactive movie
The promo is made up of five scenes which have been inspired from various passages in the novel. At various points within the promo, you are encouraged to take control of Pi and move him around his environment. Depending on what you find and where you go, other scenes are unlocked further in the narrative.At this site you can also listen to Martel read from The Life of Pi as well as read author notes.