iPads and Mobile Device Apps

Extending the Classroom with iPads and other Mobile Technology

Though originally dismissed by educators, smart phones, iPods, wireless tablets and iPads are quickly emerging as excellent learning tools for a variety of reasons:

  1. Digital culture: Technology is pervasive in modern culture and is a staple of youth social interaction. To remove a cell phone from a teenager today is in many ways to disconnect her from her friends and social life and disrupt her daily routines.
  2. Mobile computing trend of future: As handheld devices (such as iPods, iPads, and tablets) become increasingly powerful, their utility increases. “Smart” phones that can access the Web have become more of the norm in only a few short years, and small web-based and app-based tablet devices are on the rise.
  3. Flexibility of handhelds: Along with power comes flexibility as cell carriers continue to add features and programs. These tools also provide even more than computing power. They also can serve as digital cameras, video recorders, audio recorders, eBook readers, and much more.
  4. Portability, ease of use: Cell phones, iPods, and even iPads can go just about anywhere easily.
  5. Great apps options and growing: And there are many free and low-cost apps that can provide useful applications for the device.
  6. Great possibilities for integration with Web 2.0: There are many free or low cost websites that can work with a cell phone or other handhelpd device to create a slideshow, podcast, photo gallery, video, and more.

iPads, Chromebooks, and Laptops the Classroom

Recently, iPads have taken center-stage in schools looking to move towards 1-to-1 learning environments or mobile platforms.

For a curated list of apps for any mobile device resources organized by learning objectives, check out our App Recommendations.

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