Frankenstein (Study Guide) From Glencoe Literature Library. Features an impressive 30-page Frankenstein study guide in PDF format. Full of activities, analysis questions, vocabulary review, literature groups, and even art connections.

It's Alive - Scene from the 1931 Classic

Simonsays Frankenstein These printable educators' resources feature discussion questions and activity suggestions are designed to stimulate discussion, creativity, and interest that extends beyond the pages of the book into related historical, scientific, or social concerns.

Ideas for Analyzing Frankenstein Offers questions for "Investigation and Analysis" and even suggestions for computer analysis of the text.

Frankenstein Discussion Topics From UCSB Department of English

My Hideous Progeny: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Summary, a title explanation, character descriptions and information about the genre of Gothic literature as well as text of Frankenstein in a fully annotated HTML format.

Frankenstein Trailer

Frankenstein (mock trial) Students stage a mock trial of Victor Frankenstein for negligence, malpractice, and emotional and physical distress.

Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature From the National Library of Medicine, this exhibition looks at the world from which Mary Shelley came, how popular culture has embraced the Frankenstein story, and at how Shelley's creation continues to illuminate the blurred, uncertain boundaries of what we consider "acceptable" science. Contents: The Birth of Frankenstein; Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus; The Celluloid Monster; Promise and Peril

Tales of the Supernatural From Edsitement, students explore the origins and development of horror and Gothic fiction, investigate how shared imaginative concerns link the members of a literary period, examine the evolution of a literary tradition, and compare works of literature from different eras.

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