Beloved: A Unit Plan This impressive American Collection unit plan gives students the opportunity to reflect on the history of slavery and its aftermath by creating plays and other writings. You'll find thoughtful and creative pre-reading, support for reading, and post-reading exercises, all in PDF format. Unit is intended for an upper-level high school class of above average ability, possibly AP.

Facing the Ghosts of Our Past: Writing Narrative Reflections on the Civil War and Slavery In this New York Times lesson plan students read a review of the movie 'Beloved' as a starting-point for discussion and research focused on how the Civil War affected a variety of different people. Students then write a first-person narrative from the perspective of one of those people.

Beloved, Essays This site provides access to almost 40 online journal articles on Beloved.

Forum - Thoughts on Toni Morrison's Beloved These are initial reactions to Beloved by students in a Bryn Mawr seminar course. Interesting reactions range from "Beloved was spiteful. . .full of venom," to "a tragic tail so beautifully told."

Beloved: Study Questions Nine questions from a "Great Works" course at Stanford.

Toni Morrison: Beloved

History of Jim Crow This video companion web site site explores segregation in America from 1870s to 1950s. Check out both the American Literature and Teacher Resources at the bottom of the opening page. There are many related lesson plans, simulations, images, primary sources, and more.(The teaching unit on Beloved is the same one at the top of this message.)

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide Chapter 10: Late Twentieth Century - Toni Morrison (1931-) Offers a selected bibliography of books and articles on Toni Morrison. Print resources only.

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