Wuthering Heights

Victorian Web: Emily Brontë George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art History at Brown University, directs this broad and comprehensive resource for courses in Victorian literature. His Brontë section is essentially a gateway to articles and sources on Brontë biographical materials, works, cultural context, themes and technique.

Emily Bronte: An Overview From the English Department at Brooklyn College. Sections include:

Wuthering Heights (1939) Original Theatrical Trailer

  • Publication of Wuthering Heights & Contemporary Critics
  • Later Critical response to Wuthering Heights
  • Film Versions of Wuthering Heights (a list)
  • The Narrator
  • Wuthering Heights as Socio-Economic Novel
  • Psychological Interpretations of Wuthering Heights
  • Religion, Metaphysics, Mysticism and Wuthering Heights
  • The Gothic and Wuthering Heights
  • Romanticism and Wuthering Heights
  • Love
  • "I am Heathcliff"
  • Sex
  • Emily Bronte's Poetry (online poems)

The Magnanimity of Wuthering Heights A critical essay on Wuthering Heights written by Joyce Carol Oates

Wuthering Heights text online This provides some interesting teaching possibilities if teachers or students copy passages into a Word document:

  • Students might use "Insert ----> Comment" to add their own thoughts and reactions to specific passages
  • Teachers might use "Insert ---->Comment" to add contextual information, explanations, or add insights to specific passages
  • Students or teachers might use "Insert ----> Hyperlink" to create links from words or sentences to a web site, picture, a dictionary, etc.
  • Teachers could highlight words for students to look up or key passages to analyze

You can also have students read the entire text through Google Books as show below.

Hyper-Concordance Word searches in the complete texts of Brontë's novels