ClassZone: Macbeth This site includes theme openers, crosscurricular activities, and research assignment ideas. There are also links to further reading materials and related reading materials. Grades 11-12.

Macbeth Plugged A ThinkQuest student project, this is an annotated, on-line version of the Shakespearean tragedy with a glossary. The first act has clickable words that lead to either a glossary definition of the word or a deeper exploration of that portion of the play. There is a summary of each scene in the play. NOTE: This site includes links to other sites with discussion boards.

Bill Bennett on The Great Books: Macbeth

The following lessons are from the Lesson Plans Archive at the Folger Institute

  • When Fair is Foul: Paradox and Equivocation in MacbethStudents look at the role of paradox and equivocation in the Scottish play. The goal is for them to gain a greater appreciation of how Shakespeare's characters use words to give multiple meanings and to discover how language drives the scenes in the play.
  • Macbeth: What's Up with the Crime Scene? This lesson will introduce students to Macbeth by having them act out the scene where Duncan's murder is discovered. The trick is that all of the stage directions and characters' names have been removed from the text.
  • Double, double, toil and trouble": A Dual Exploration of Macbeth In this lesson, students will emulate a key practice of Renaissance theater: doubling. The goal of this lesson is for students to experience—to see, hear, and feel—the differences between characters (especially supernatural versus royal) when students, as actors, have to take on more than one role. They will need to understand Shakespearean language, and will need to create distinctive personas so that the audience can differentiate between characters during presentation.
  • Famous Death Lines Students use this pre-reading activity to gain an introduction to the drama and language of Shakespeare. This activity could be used with a number of different plays.
Orson Welles Macbeth Intro

The Tragedy of Macbeth Read the entire play online.

Enjoying Macbeth Very extensive background and commentary with gruesome trivia to keep class fascinated.

Glamis Castle, Scotland Read about the real Glamis castle and see comparisons to Shakespeare's Macbeth. Go to the "History/Gardens" menu and choose "Macbeth."

Macbeth (Judi Dench) sleepwalking scene

Macbeth Quiz This is a short multiple choice quiz on the play. Students can correct themselves at the end to see their results.