Lord of the Flies

Teacher CyberGuide: Lord of the Flies This supplemental unit to Lord of the Flies was developed as part of the Schools of California Online Resources for Educators (SCORE) Project. The unit provides resources for students to focus on the following issues: The historical background for the novel; The symbolism of the conch; The element of survival faced by the boys on the island; Current, real-world political and social situations similar to the events in the novel. There are four major activities as part of the unit.

Lord of the Flies 1963

Island of Misadventure High School WebQuest. As a clinical psychologist you must determine what went wrong with this seemingly innocent group of boys.

Life after the Fact... Students use a talk-show format to explore the aftermath of the ordeal on the survivors and ponder the role of the individual in society. Designed as a culminating activity for study of the novel.

Lord of the Flies: Law and Order. A creative lesson from Ardsley High School, Ardsley, NY. Legal Team #1, the Defense: Ralph has been accused of murdering Simon. You must draft a defense to free Ralph from punishment. Legal Team #2" target="_blank">, the Prosecution: It's your duty to prove Ralph's guilt.

Lord of Flies Vocabulary 108 words

Lord of the Flies Journals & Project There are journal suggestions and five possible projects

Lord of the Flies Introduction Trailer

Note: Video contains profanity

Lord of Flies Revision and Self-Test A BBC guide with "context" and self-tests.

Research Guide for Lord of the Flies This site presents links, web quests, analysis, movies, and sample projects for the novel.