Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain ClassZone offers theme openers as well as cross curricular and research ideas.

Lesson Plan - 1765 to the Declaration of Independence Designed for middle school students, this unit has student identify citizens during the American Revolution as either patriotic or philanthropic.

Johnny Tremain - The Boston Tea Party Preview

LIBERTY! The American Revolution PBS's assorted and diverse web exhibits supplement specific individual television series and generally include a summary of each episode, interviews (often with sound bites),  a timeline, a glossary, photos, and links to relevant sites. Liberty explores the impact of the revolutionary era on the lives of Americans and includes six teacher guides.

Study Guide for Johnny Tremain By Esther Forbes for Glencoe. Provides active reading activities, background information, personal and analytical questions, focus activities, and vocabulary.

Johnny Tremain Fifteen activities to do before, during, and after your reading of Johnny Tremain.

Johnny Tremain Scholastic guide that includes extension activities, a writing prompt, discussion guide, and vocabulary builder.

Johnny Tremain and the events that led up to America's Revolutionary War A WebQuest for middle school students that encourages them to identify the most significant non-fictional American hero from the book.

Johnny Tremain Projects A mix of research, analysis, map making, and writing.

Johnny Tremain vocabulary Extensive vocabulary list

Lesson Plan: Background on the Patriot Attitude Toward the Monarchy Created by Thinkfinity, this lesson plan is meant to provide students with a basic knowledge of how the American Patriots felt towards English Governments. Ample resources and printable worksheets included. Intended for grades 6-8.

Lesson Plan: Colonial Broadsides and the American Revolution "Broadsides" address virtually every aspect of the American Revolution, providing a wide range of suitable classroom topics. In this lesson (by Thinkfinity), students will use the resources of the Library of Congress's Printed Ephemera Collection to experience the news as the colonists heard it. Grades 6-8.

Johnny Tremain - Movie Trailer

American Revolutionary War PowerPoint Project Students will explore the American Revolutionary War by choosing main ideas from various sources (text book, Internet, etc) and then will demonstrate their knowledge of the war by creating a PowerPoint slide show.

American Revolutionaries In this WebQuest students explore the uses and abuses of propaganda in the Revolution, as well as today.

The American People: A People in Revolution PowerPoint Presentation on the American Revolution as part of the online companion to The American People. Click PowerPoint Presentations and then Chapter 6.

All Fired Up: Explaining Fourth of July Related Themes and Images In this New York Times lesson, students brainstorm images and themes associated with the American Fourth of July holiday. They then create illustrated posters to explain the processes or history behind these themes.

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