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Facing the Ghosts of Our Past: Writing Narrative Reflections on the Civil War and Slavery
In this New York Times lesson plan students read a review of the movie ‘Beloved’ as a starting-point for discussion and research focused on how the Civil War affected a variety of different people. Students then write a first-person narrative from the perspective of one of those people.

Beloved, Essays
This site provides access to almost 40 online journal articles on Beloved.

Forum – Thoughts on Toni Morrison’s Beloved
These are initial reactions to Beloved by students in a Bryn Mawr seminar course. Interesting reactions range from “Beloved was spiteful. . .full of venom,” to “a tragic tail so beautifully told.”

Beloved: Study Questions
Nine questions from a “Great Works” course at Stanford.

Toni Morrison: Beloved

History of Jim Crow
This PBS website explores segregation in America from 1870s to 1950s by introducing people, personal narratives, important events, and prominent organizations.

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature – A Research and Reference Guide Chapter 10: Late Twentieth Century – Toni Morrison (1931-)
Offers a selected bibliography of books and articles on Toni Morrison. Print resources only.