A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms

Hemingway Resource Center

A comprehensive site devoted to the life and work of Ernest Hemingway. Features biographical information, FAQs, interviews about Hemingway, bibliographies, and more.

  • Hemingway Resource Center: The Lost Generation Contains an Ernest Hemingway biography that students could read to determine the overall themes for A Farewell to Arms and discuss how the stress of war may have contributed to them.
  • From the interview section: Remembering Ernest Hemingway was published in the summer of 1999 to coincide with Hemingway’s 100th birthday celebration. The authors, both teachers, answer questions.

Studying A Farewell to Arms

This web site on Ernest Hemingway’s early career was created for the Virginia Community College System. Select sections:

  • Study Guide: Questions and research topics for each part of the novel.
  • Assignments: Suggestions to teachers about ways to assign the study questions and the research questions
  • Modules: Objectives and activities beyond the study guide questions and research topics on what makes good quiz responses and good research writing and analytical essays.
  • Reading the Novel: Here are 14 objectives with 6 tasks each that range from simpler information, interpretation, competency, and model-building tasks to more complex “transfer” and “research” tasks. The focus is on making inferences, figuring things out solo and with discussion, as well as answering multiple-choice and open-ended questions.

Ernest Hemingway: Classroom Issues and Strategies

A brief guide with three questions for A Farewell to Arms.

A Farewell to Arms burial for Ernest Hemingway – Michael Palin for BBC Worldwide


Kansas City Star Special on Hemingway

Michael Palin’s Hemingway Adventure

This companion website to Palin’s PBS Frontline program is full of valuable information, photos, biographical info, video clips, original book covers, and more. Tour WWI sites, Paris, Cuba, Spain, Key West, and more.

Ernest Hemingway television programming on C-Span American Writers II
The Twentieth Century Based onThe Sun Also Rises. It includes a forty-minute video interview with the late Hemingway biographer, Michael Reynolds.

The Hemingway Society: Virtual Hemingway
Provides persons with links to scholarship and other information about Hemingway on-line as well as to selected manifestations of Hemingway’s appearances in popular culture.

An audio web site for hearing Hemingway read selections from his own works. Readings include a recording by a Havana , Cuba, radio station of Hemingway reading his “Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech”, followed by a speech Hemingway gave to introduce a production of his play “The Fifth Column.”

Ernest Hemingway In His Time
An Internet source page and online exhibition from the University of Delaware Library Newark, Delaware. Topics: Introduction | Earliest Writing | Honing the Craft of Writing | Placed in Paris | Appearing in the Little Magazines | From Liveright to Scribner’s | The Sun Also Rises | A Farewell to Arms | Death in the Afternoon | Green Hills of Africa | To Have and Have Not | The Spanish Civil War | For Whom the Bell Tolls | The Old Man and the Sea | Stories | Louis Henry Cohn | Death of a Legendary Writer | Posthumous Works

“He Remembers Papa”
An interview with Hemingway’s friend, Milton Wolff.

“Valerie Hemingway: Inside the Cuadrilla”
By James Plath from his 1999 book Remembering Hemingway. Valerie Danby-Smith came by the Hemingway name by marrying–and later divorcing–Gregory, Ernest’s youngest son. For two decades she worked in publishing and public relations in New York City and her articles have appeared in The Saturday Review, The New York Times, and Ski Magazine. The interview was conducted on February 19, 1996.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1954
Text of the presentation speech by Anders Österling, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy.

Reading Hemingway in a War Zone
NPR commentator Christian Bauman shares memories of reading Ernest Hemingway late into the night while serving on guard duty with the U.S. Army in Somalia.

Hemingway, Shakespeare Might Flunk SAT Essay Test
NPR’s Scott Simon talks to John Katzman about the new SAT essay test. Katzman makes the case, in an article in the Atlantic Monthly, that Ernest Hemingway and Shakespeare would not score well on the essay.

99 Quotes by Ernest Hemingway

“A Farewell to Arms (To Queen Elizabeth)”
The poem by George Peele from which Hemingway took the title for his novel

Student Guides (and possible “cheat sheets!”):

Reference Books suggested by Kingswood College Library:

  • REF PN 41 .D5 – The Dictionary of Literary Biography – Volumes 4 and 9 contain information on Hemingway’s life.
  • REF PS221 .T834 – Twentieth Century American Literature – Volume 3 has an article on Hemingway and some discussion of the novel.
  • REF PS374 .C43 M35 – Major Characters in American Fiction – includes information on Frederic and Catherine.
  • REF PN50 .L574 – Literature and Its Times – Places the novel into the time it describes.
  • REF D521 .K57 – The First World War: an eyewitness history – a personal view of the war.
  • REF D523 .G634 – Chronicle of the First World War – A two volume chronology of the WWI